Whan that Aprille

The birds have begun to sing again. Last year, when we entered lockdown, I would wake up early to open my window so that I could hear them. No matter what darkness surrounded humanity then and no matter how uncertain life was, the birds still sang every morning. Their notes hearkened to the piercing realityContinue reading “Whan that Aprille”

My Friend, Aquinas

I wish that I loved St. Thomas Aquinas the way Dr. E does. My high school Great Books professor had us take a moment of silence after reading his poetry in our online class. The affection and profound gratitude she has for him was tangible in her voice coming over my computer’s speakers. As difficultContinue reading “My Friend, Aquinas”


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My name is Larisa and I’m a Catholic, ballet dancer, and passionate advocate for the Oxford comma. After becoming a Saint, my second-greatest aspiration is to be the admin for Sparknotes’ Twitter page, but since that isn’t likely, I’ve settled for trying to be the greatest Thomas Dubay enthusiast. When I’m not dancing or writing, I’m probably drinking coffee, getting shushed in Hobby Lobby with my friends, or re-watching The Office.

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