The Game is Never Over, John: BBC’s “Sherlock” and the Common Human Experience

If you sign into Netflix, you’ll see a sad sight. More accurately, there’s something that you won’t see. As of last weekend, BBC’s Sherlock has gone away. Netflix is no longer 221 B Baker Street. I’ll admit that I’m more Sherlocked than most. I don’t think many people were mourning its Reichenbach fall from NetflixContinue reading “The Game is Never Over, John: BBC’s “Sherlock” and the Common Human Experience”

The Hidden Worker

They have barely reached the peak of Golgotha when His clothes are violently torn off, leaving only open shreds where skin should be. Jesus staggers right and left as his hunched form is prodded towards the cross by clubs. He kneels beside the cross as one last time, His Sacred Body touches the dust thatContinue reading “The Hidden Worker”


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My name is Larisa and I’m a Catholic, ballet dancer, and passionate advocate for the Oxford comma. After becoming a Saint, my second-greatest aspiration is to be the admin for Sparknotes’ Twitter page, but since that isn’t likely, I’ve settled for trying to be the greatest Thomas Dubay enthusiast. When I’m not dancing or writing, I’m probably drinking coffee, getting shushed in Hobby Lobby with my friends, or re-watching The Office.

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