2021 in Literary Review

2021 has been an insane year. I started out as a trainee with Cincinnati Ballet, went through a major transformation and healing through Totus Tuus, and threw myself into the intellectual world at University of Dallas. Oh, and I’m minoring in political philosophy now, so that’s just one example of how many weird things JesusContinue reading “2021 in Literary Review”

Spiritual Canticle in Irregular Verse: O Radiant Dawn

Out of the darkness of this life the wasteland held captive by gloom’s shadow where there dwell frustrated hopes and dreams dashed against flint the unwearied Father places upon the weary dust the one great thing to love on earth: the Blessed Sacrament. The small white Sun ablaze with love whose radiant joy springs overContinue reading “Spiritual Canticle in Irregular Verse: O Radiant Dawn”


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My name is Larisa and I’m a Catholic, ballet dancer, and passionate advocate for the Oxford comma. After becoming a Saint, my second-greatest aspiration is to be the admin for Sparknotes’ Twitter page, but since that isn’t likely, I’ve settled for trying to be the greatest Thomas Dubay enthusiast. When I’m not dancing or writing, I’m probably drinking coffee, getting shushed in Hobby Lobby with my friends, or re-watching The Office.

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