Hello! My name is Larisa Tuttle and I’m a student at the University of Dallas where I’m studying English and Theology with a concentration in Political Philosophy. I’m the oldest of five homeschooled girls and I spent most of my life in Indiana. before dancing in Cincinnati Ballet’s Professional Training Division the year after high school.

I was a ballet dancer for my entire life and spent the year after high school dancing as a trainee with Cincinnati Ballet. The Lord used the gift of ballet to draw me into deeper intimacy with Himself and to reveal the way He has crafted my heart to encounter and love Him through beauty. I am overjoyed to see a generation of Catholic artists who long to use their gifts for the magnification of the perfect Beauty that we encounter most fully before a monstrance. It is my prayer that this blog serves as an insight into the broken, passionate soul of the artist and more importantly, into the marvelous things that the Lord reveals through the transcendental of beauty.

Thomas Dubay writes that “a splendid panorama, a beautiful face and a musical masterpiece strike a spark of yearning for an undefined more…The mystic sees this and, more importantly, lives it (Fire Within).” Through this blog, I hope to yearn with you and live as the Beloved with you. Because you are radically, tenderly loved, and you are made to dance with joy.

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