Hello! My name is Larisa Tuttle and I’m a dancer in Cincinnati Ballet’s Professional Training Division. I’m the oldest of five homeschooled girls and I’ve spent most of my life in Indiana (although I was born in Texas and it definitely shows).

When I tell people that I am working towards a professional ballet career, I tend to receive one of three reactions. The first is excitement and a question about pointe shoes. The second is, “Your parents are ok with you not going to college?” And the third is, “Oh wow, the dance world holds a lot of temptations. I’ll pray for you.”

That third group of people are not incorrect. You don’t have to squint to see the deep brokenness present within the arts world: the twisted ideologies, the cycle of abuse within certain companies and schools, the wounded souls seeking to drown out pain and insecurity at whatever cost.

But it is precisely because of the innate goodness of the arts that Satan has attacked them so vehemently. The Lord has used the gift of ballet to draw me into deeper intimacy with Himself and with His Scripture and Sacraments. I am overjoyed to see a generation of Catholic artists who long to use their gifts for the magnification of the perfect Beauty that we encounter most fully before a monstrance. And it is my prayer that this blog serves as an insight into the broken, passionate soul of the artist and more importantly, into the marvelous things that the Lord reveals through the transcendental of beauty, whether that beauty is encountered on a stage or a written page, within the silence of prayer or the symphony of the Catholic Church’s liturgy.

Thomas Dubay writes that “a splendid panorama, a beautiful face and a musical masterpiece strike a spark of yearning for an undefined more…The mystic sees this and, more importantly, lives it (Fire Within).” Through this blog, I hope to yearn with you and live as the Beloved with you. Because you are radically, tenderly loved, and you are made to dance with joy.

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